Designing a swimming pool is no easy task. Creating a picture-perfect swimming pool takes time, effort, and attention to detail. Whether you’re looking to add an inground or above-ground pool, it’s essential to consider all aspects of the design process before making any final decisions. Here are nine tips for designing a picture-perfect swimming pool:

1. Choose the Right Location

The first step in designing your dream swimming pool is choosing the right location for it. Before making any decisions, consider how much sunlight your desired location will receive throughout the day and how this might affect your swimming experience. Additionally, keep in mind any nearby trees that could potentially drop leaves or other debris into your pool during windy days or stormy weather conditions.

2. Select the Right Size and Shape

Kidney-shaped pools are popular choices when it comes to residential pools, but depending on your space restrictions or desired aesthetic, you may choose another shape such as rectangular or oval-shaped pools. Additionally, selecting the right size is essential; make sure that you take into account both the dimensions of your backyard as well as how many people will be using the pool at once before settling on specific dimensions for your swimming area.

3. Add Special Features

Once you’ve selected a size and shape for your dream swimming area, consider adding special features such as waterfalls or fountains that can easily turn an ordinary pool into something spectacular. If you have children who love playing in the water, then ensuring that there is enough shallow area for them to swim safely should be considered when selecting special features as well!

4 . Incorporate Lighting Effects

Lighting can drastically change the look and feel of any outdoor space – including a backyard swimming area! Consider incorporating lighting effects such as underwater lights which can help create beautiful reflections off of rippling water surfaces at night time! Not only does this create a more enjoyable atmosphere after dark but it also helps with safety by providing visibility around the edge of dark pools during evening hours!

5 . Install Pool Accessories

Don’t forget about adding additional accessories such as ladders or slides which can bring even more fun and enjoyment to anyone using the pool. Swimming ladders help make getting in and out of pools easier while slides add an extra level of excitement – especially when they come with splash pads attached. Additionally adding floating accessories like basketball hoops can really up the ante when it comes to family fun times in summertime!

6. Consider Maintenance

It’s important to consider the maintenance of your swimming pool when designing it. Different types of pools will require different levels of upkeep, so make sure to research what type of pool is best for your lifestyle and budget. Inground pools will typically require more maintenance than above-ground pools, but this doesn’t mean that you should immediately dismiss them as an option. With proper planning and the right materials, an inground pool can be a great choice for those looking for a low-maintenance swimming area.

7. Invest in Pool Safety Features

Safety should always be a top priority when designing any type of swimming area, especially if there are small children present in the home or visiting frequently. Investing in safety features such as fences and alarms can help ensure that everyone who uses the pool is protected from any potential accidents or injury while enjoying themselves! Additionally, make sure to also research any local codes and regulations regarding backyard pools before making any final decisions about construction or installation–this will help you avoid any fines or legal trouble down the line!

8. Plan for Pool Accessories

While selecting accessories such as slides and ladders should already be considered during the design process, it’s important to also plan ahead for additional items such as toys, floats, loungers, and other items that can add comfort and fun to your swimming area! This can help keep family members–and guests–entertained during their time spent in the water without requiring too much additional effort on your end!

9. Think About Resale Value

Lastly, consider how adding a swimming pool may affect your home’s resale value down the line if you ever decide to sell it one day! While certain renovations may not see direct returns on investment (ROI) immediately following installation–adding a pool could potentially create quite a bit of interest from potential buyers who are looking for homes with backyard entertainment areas already set up! Additionally, because most people consider their swimming areas an investment–it’s important to make sure that yours looks its best by taking care of any repairs or maintenance issues promptly throughout its lifespan so that you don’t have to worry about spending extra money later on down the line when trying to resell it someday!


Designing a perfect picture-perfect swimming oasis doesn’t have to be difficult if you take some time to plan everything out properly beforehand–from location selection all the way down to special features and lighting effects–and incorporate these nine tips into your design plan accordingly! With some careful consideration ahead of time combined with careful execution once construction begins–you’ll soon have an amazing new backyard addition that’ll be sure to bring years’ worth of fun memories for everyone who uses it.

From location selection all the way down through selecting accessories–you’ll soon be able to create an amazing outdoor space that’ll provide years worth of fun memories while also increasing the value of your property over time with minimal effort on your part! So take some time today to start planning out your dream oasis –you won’t regret it once construction is complete and you’re able to enjoy all those summer days spent splashing around with friends and family members alike.